Sustainable Agriculture & Livelihood

Agriculture is the main source of income for the major section of society, providing employment to millions of people & playing a vital role in the economy of India. Even today about 65% of the Indian population directly or indirectly lives on Agriculture. Agriculture has shaped the literature, creed and culture of the Indian nation. After Independence most emphasis was laid on Agriculture in successive Five Year Plans of the Central Government. As a result the Green Revolution happened in India and self sufficiency in food production became reality. Today we can not only feed a billion people but also have enough potential to cope with all future challenges.

Agriculture depends on six factors: soil, water, climate, seeds, tools and peasants. SAHASH works on agricultural issues and awakening farmers to use scientific technologies for production of crops by good quality seeds and fertilizers. We also train farmers in fisheries, warm compost, animal husbandry, dairies and irrigation patterns. We establish and promote plant nurseries, crude oil crop and oily crops and seek to establish nodal centers for marketing & training. We encourage farmers to check-test the soil of their cultivated land, so that they are able to know about the deficiency of elements in the land. We also educate them on the utilization of bio-fertilizers, manure, warm compost and Rizobium fertilizers.

SAHASH is currently running Kishaan Counseling Centers in Amethi, (U.P.) and Kurushetra (Haryana).