Child Education & Protection

SAHASH works for children which are living in rural and urban sector and those belonging to a family living under poverty line and also works for orphan. SAHASH protects the children against exploitation and condemns child labor who are some sort of bandhak and provide them basic education after freeing them from the cruel hands of those who exploit the innocent children and prevent them from getting proper education. SAHASH ensures that the child gets proper care and education in case the child has nobody to take care, otherwise we hand over them to the families to which they belong. We also investigate about the companies which are taking work from children below 14 yrs and then free the children with the help of police.

SAHASH also educate the children having disabilities and help them provide with the confidence to become self dependent by giving training courses for self-employment.

The KHEL -KHEL MAI PADHAI program was launched by the "Society for Animal Health Agriculture Science and Humanity" in Amethi, Uttar Pradesh. Through this program

our objective is to raise the children living in villages to the level of those living in urban or metro cities. Currently this program is running at two centers, one in Amethi Distt-Sultanpur(Uttar Pradesh) and other one in Kurushetra (Haryana).This program is basically intended to remove the feeling of villagers that their children are not so good as compared to the metro city children. Also make them believe that they can make their children more active and able by providing them with good educational environment at the village level itself, only they have to create awareness among themselves towards education. Thus we are trying to eliminate the differences between village children and metro city children.In next five years, we hope to open 100 of such centers in at least 10 districts to educate the children through model chart,soft toys etc and eliminate the illiteracy.

In this program we also provide counseling to the villagers regarding what attitude they should have to treat the children and how to motivate them towards the education.Now these centers are running in 5 villages of Amethi.

In this program a proper counseling is given by us to the villagers, what nutrients should be given to the children and what steps to be taken to take care about their health.