Women's Empowerment

The need of the time is to improve rural livelihoods. Towards this end SAHASH has forged and empowered rural women as effective development workers. SAHASH constituted micro credit groups and trained them to generate employment opportunities. These groups help in increasing income toward better nutrition, health care and education for the children.

SAHASH trained women & girls of SC/ST/OBC communities living below poverty line through the Mahila Training and Counseling Center in the fields of Knitting, Tailoring, Flowering, Crafting, Painting, Claying, Computers, Typing, Soft-toys, Candle making , Agarbatti making, Paper crafting, Cartooning, Chalk and Musquito strips.

SAHASH is currently running a Computer Education Center at Kurushetra where offered courses are Fundamentals of Computers, MS-Office, DOS, Basic Software Testing including Technical Terms and Manual (basically) Web testing. SAHASH Currently open Counseling centre's at Amethi (Uttar Pradesh) and Kurshetra(Haryana).