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As Intern

With a view to spreading awareness of Environment, Children's Health and Human Rights issues among University students, the Society for Animal Health Agriculture Science and Humanity invites applications for the Summer Internship Programme, 2016.

The Society for Animal Health Agriculture Science and Humanity is an NGO based in Amethi, U.P., India closely working with children afflicted with birth defects, disorders, syndromes, and various diseases that affect their health condition, education & growth. The prime focus of our NGO is to work extensively on Indian Public Health policy, and the awareness and implementation of various Environment, Education, Human Rights and Health related projects for the poor citizens of India. If you are an undergraduate, graduate or professional student or a recent graduate with your own strong interest in the crucial issues of our day, the Society for Animal Health Agriculture Science and Humanity Intern Program offers a unique opportunity for growth, learning and meaningful service. We are looking for people who are dependable, enthusiastic, and professional.

Interns will have the responsibility of interacting directly with staff, volunteers, and society stakeholders in such activities as communications, development, and scheduling of society activities. Through firsthand experience you learn how the Society for Animal Health Agriculture Science and Humanity functions on a daily basis, and assist with this process directly.

Helping to accomplish the goals of the Society for Animal Health Agriculture Science and Humanity: In each Intern class, we look for candidates who are diligent, resourceful, professional, and intellectually inclined, as we believe these qualities in our interns reinforce and bring us closer to the mission of the Society for Animal Health Agriculture Science and Humanity in meeting the challenges of Health,Environment,Education,Human Rights and Children's Rights.

Our each Interns has opportunity to interact with senior administration officials, and leaders in politics, business, entertainment, and journalism discuss issues of the work of Society.

Preference shall be given to the following:-

1.Students of social and behavioral sciences, sociology, agriculture, economics, communication studies and public health.

2.Students pursuing 5 years integrated law course.

3.Students pursuing 3 years L.L.B. course.

4.Students pursuing post-graduation in human rights, sociology and other related social sciences.

5.Students pursuing masters in social work.

6.Post-Graduate diploma in human rights.

7.Students pursuing graduation with specialized subjects.

8.MBA and other post graduate degree / diploma courses.

Brief Summary of the Internship Program:The selected Interns will get the opportunity to work in different areas of issues related to Children, Health and Human Rights including participation in the review of the Programmes of currently ongoing projects in the Society for Animal Health Agriculture Science and Humanity.

Interns will also get an opportunity to have interaction with legal luminaries, Senior Doctors, Social Workers, Senior Journalists of Various News Channels and Newspapers as well as other reputed NGOs based in India. They will be required to study and scrutinize key result areas for the work of Society for Animal Health Agriculture Science and Humanity, present findings to the NGO, compile and analyze statistical data on children, Health related issues etc.

Interns will be required to prepare their reports on the topic of study assigned to them during the Internship. Interns will also represent the NGO in various programs and debates conducted by other organizations, apart from field visits and project work during the Internship.

Stipend : Unpaid

Work Hours: 6-8 hours per day

Duration of the Internship : 2-16 weeks (duration varies depending upon the program)

If you are keen on:

  • Developing skills
  • Gaining knowledge
  • Contributing to issues of social justice
  • Making a positive difference to society
  • Growing as an individual

And, if you are:

  • Between 18 to 30 years of age
  • Indian National
  • Have knowledge of spoken Hindi or other regional languages, and English then apply now!!
  • If you have the desire and the passion for such an enriching journey, then download and fill in the application form and send to below address.
Download internship form in english
Download internship form in hindi

Munshiganj,(Amethi Road)Post-H.A.L.Korwa,
Distt- Amethi,UttarPradesh
Pin -227412
Telephone: 91-9919947961,+91-9473795690

Please Note:-

  • No deadline for receiving all applications. The shortlisted candidates will be called or sent an email by us.
  • Applications should carry all desired documents and recommendation letters from the respective institutes and colleges.
  • Application fee is not required.

As Volunteer

We offer a vast variety of volunteer programs in our NGO in India, where volunteers can choose to work in Amethi, Sultanpur, Varanasi (U.P.), New Delhi and Kurushetra(Haryana). Our choice of programs includes working with Orphans, Women's Empowerment Programs, Health/HIV Programs, Teaching English, Summer Volunteer Programs, Volunteer Programs for Urban & Rural Street Children and more. We also offer short term, family and group volunteering programs in India. Employer supported volunteering is a three-way partnership between the employer, employee and the receiver of these volunteers (e.g. NGO ). For each party there are clear benefits in getting involved in the process.

Benefits for the Employer:

1.Demonstrates commitment to building healthy communities.

2.Develops skills and morale within the workforce.

3.Improves brand image and can help reinforce brand loyalty

Benefits for the Employee:

1.Offers an individual satisfaction of giving back to society.

2.Develops new social skills and enhances existing ones.

Benefits for the Organization and wider community:

1.Increases the existing pool of volunteers with valuable new skills.

2.Builds important new partnerships with business and the public sectors.

3.Helps to break down barriers between different sections of society.

Our employee volunteering services are designed to meet the needs of leading Companies who recognize the business and social value of community involvement. We recognize that each Company has different needs. Whether the Company seeks to increase employee volunteerism, fulfill community outreach goals, measure program participation or publicly align Company brand with strategic community involvement initiatives, SAHASH will help in each of these steps.

People volunteer for a variety of reasons. Some are motivated by philanthropic values; some seek social justice, while others see service as a way to enable the lesser privileged in a society.

Many of us volunteer because we want to give something back to a society that has given us so much. Most times, we strongly believe in or care about certain issues or causes. Whatever the reason, volunteering transforms you and the world around you.

Volunteers form a powerful group that development sector organizations leverage to implement projects and create community participation. 'Volunteerism' in today's context is not confined to students, housewives, youth, elderly or any other such groups. 'Volunteerism' also applies to professionals with management/engineering/doctorate backgrounds working in corporate houses contributing their knowledge and experience to Social Service Programs.

Volunteering has its share of delightful perks - chance to travel, meet new people, and acquire life & career enhancing experiences and skills.

Volunteering does not require a special degree or prior experience. It simply requires a willingness to help. Your interest, skills, enthusiasm, willingness, and commitment are wonderful assets to our organization.

How to Become a Volunteer

After reading our Policies, Procedures and Terms & Conditions, an application has to be filled and submitted. This would be followed by a screening and selection process. The Policies, Procedures and Code of Conduct are basically to guide you on how to volunteer with us. The guidelines are necessary to assist you and us in our ongoing relationship.


1.Confidentiality: Your data will remain confidential with SAHASH. Information that is obtained while volunteering with our NGO and which is sensitive in nature is to be treated as confidential.

2.Accountability:Delegated authorities of our NGO will be responsible for supervision of your work. This is to ensure that both you and the organization benefit from the program

3.Commitment:As a volunteer with SAHASH, you are expected to honor the mutually agreed time period except in case of an illness or an emergency

4.Training:A training program is conducted twice a year. Orientation to SAHASH philosophy, policies, and procedures, precedes your placement. Sessions are held for enhancing skills and commitment levels to make the volunteering more effective and productive for all concerned.

5.Volunteer responsibility:You will have clearly defined responsibilities. You are not expected to bear any program cost. Any injury/health related cost incurred while volunteering will be borne by the volunteer

6.Volunteer evaluation:You will be evaluated by the program coordinator as well as SAHASH committee. This evaluation will help to improve the program, optimize your involvement in the assigned program, and to recognize your contribution to the program.

7.Volunteer complaints:Your complaints will be addressed by SAHASH to enable a productive and positive volunteer experience.

8.Reimbursement:You will be reimbursed by the NGO only if prior approval has been given to meet out of pocket expenses for any particular program.

9.Exit policy:Minimum of one month notice will be required from a volunteer who has agreed to volunteer for six months or more. Ten days notice period may be given for any period less than six months along with the reasons for this decision.

10.Exit Interview:An exit interview will be conducted by the program coordinator and SAHASH representative. This is to obtain your feedback regarding the program and volunteering experience, and to facilitate closure of that particular volunteering tenure.

11.Volunteer status:A volunteer will be put on an active or inactive list. An active volunteer is one who is currently associated with a program. If you have completed the volunteering period you will be put on the inactive list and will remain on SAHASH mailing list for future volunteering opportunities.

12.Recognition:SAHASH appreciates the time, skills, enthusiasm and energy shared by you for the benefit of communities through different programs. A commendation letter/certificate is awarded to all volunteers at the culmination of the volunteering period.

Procedures :

1.Recruitment schedule:You can begin work after attending orientation and training sessions, which will be conducted after a specific number of volunteers have enrolled. We will require a commitment from you of at least one day a week for a minimum of three months.

2.Selection and Placement: Volunteers are selected based on their applications and reference checks. Programs are assigned after assessing and matching your skills, experience, time availability and areas of interest with the programs needs, keeping in view any possible language hurdles. You will be interviewed on telephone and in person by SAHASH representatives.

3.Training:Training sessions are conducted for skill training and orientation to the social development sector, as well as to familiarize you with SAHASH philosophies, policies, procedures and code of conduct

4.Recognition: Your services are recognized through a Certificate of Appreciation issued by Society for Animal Health Agriculture Science and Humanity. Outstanding volunteers are acknowledged with the Volunteer of the Year Award.

Code of Conduct:

  • As an ambassador of SAHASH, your conduct should be exemplary and reflect positively on the organization.
  • Respect and try to understand the diverse cultures of the people you work with
  • Be open to different approaches of the people you work with
  • Treat everyone with respect and dignity
  • Dress with regard to the local customs and cultures
  • Do not take part in any political demonstrations or illegal activities
  • You will be expected to conform to all the policies and procedures of the organization with which you are placed
  • As a volunteer, while you may offer suggestions, you are not entitled to make any alterations to management structures or administrative policies, unless permitted by the organization
  • All volunteers are required to be present on the days assigned to them. Please notify the organization in advance in case of absence
  • Misconduct, usage of drugs or alcohol & nonperformance of assigned tasks can result in termination of volunteering services

Terms and Conditions:

Your age should be 18 yrs or above,

A nominal placement facilitating amount has to be submitted after we confirm your placement and prior to the orientation we provide. This amount supports our volunteering program, as it ensures the continuity of our program in providing an extremely valuable service to our NGOs.

Payment is to be made through cheques or drafts payable to Society for Animal Health Agriculture Science and Humanity

All travel / accommodation / living expenses will be borne by the volunteer.

Refund:In case of withdrawals at any stage, after confirmation of your placement, we regret that we will not be able to make a refund as costs would have been incurred for processing the application and facilitating the placement

A passport size photograph to be submitted at the time of your placement.

SAHASH trainings

Training on 'Volunteer Development'

  • To motivate volunteers to work in the development sector
  • To enable them to judge their inclination towards contributing to social development
  • To make them visualize the long term impact of their voluntary work
  • To develop an attitude of ownership towards effective contribution to the development sector

Online Volunteer

Volunteer can involve in online research, News monitoring, Content writing and editing, Information Technology Development, Design & Layout, Translation and Documentation.

If you have the desire and the passion for enhancing your skills and want to be a volunteer, you have to download forms and send to us at below address

Download Application vounteership form in english
Download Application vounteership form in hindi

Munshiganj,(Amethi Road)Post-H.A.L.Korwa,
Distt- Amethi,UttarPradesh
Pin -227412
Telephone: 91-9919947961,+91-9473795690

Society has taken a step to identify the root causes and problems at the grassroots level. We encourage all volunteers to complete this survey form at village level as well as in slum areas in urban, so that we can provide the solution to the community. Please do it as soon as possible.

Survey Form