Donor's Speak

On my birthday, July 16, the doorbell rang and there stood two smiling young men asking for a contribution on behalf of SAHASH for the education of poor children.

I signed the papers for supporting the education of two children and my heart was filled with joy. I am grateful to SAHASH for having given me the best birthday gift ever. --Dr.Lal Bihari Bind

SAHASH's absolute transparency allows me to engage with them and the community they serve directly through programme visits.

This encourages me to spend my celebrations with my family at their project locations. --Shri Santosh Shukla

I feel privileged to be associated with SAHASH in its fight against poverty and injustice. I am really impressed with SAHASH works in areas of girl-child education and other activities for the poor. I also salute the dedication of their volunteers! --Avinash Singh