Donor's Speak

On my birthday, July 16, the doorbell rang and there stood two smiling young men asking for a contribution on behalf of SAHASH for the education of poor children.

I signed the papers for supporting the education of two children and my heart was filled with joy. I am grateful to SAHASH for having given me the best birthday gift ever. --Dr.Lal Bihari Bind

I feel privileged to be associated with SAHASH in its fight against poverty and injustice. I am really impressed with SAHASH works in areas of girl-child education and other activities for the poor. I also salute the dedication of their volunteers! --Avinash Singh

SAHASH is doing remarkable work by helping those who are deprived. We are on the corner of India and our contribution towards helping others will certainly go a long way in that journey. I strongly recommend contributions to SAHASH work towards social empowerment of all people. I am happy that SAHASH has commenced their operations in seven States of India. I wish all the best to its staff. --Santosh Shukla, Senior Consultant Marketing ,Om Shri RealTech Pvt. Ltd. Noida