Today in India 90% of people are suffering from one or another disease for example, 3 crore 50 lakh people are suffering from Diabetes-I & Diabetes-II and the major reason for this is the unbalanced diet, today women are suffering from breast cancer due to not feeding their breast to children. Similarly a lot of unawareness is there among the people regarding the symptoms of these diseases, also carelessness about their health & illiteracy is major issue that is responsible for spreading the communicable disease such as leprosy, AIDS, HIV, cancer, polio, blindness, Dengue, Chicken Gunia etc.

So SAHASH has taken up some strong steps to carry forward the campaign to spread awareness about the symptoms, sources and prevention of these deadly diseases. SAHASH also provides free medical counseling center and promotes the the natural way to cure through nature cure pathology, Yoga and spreads awareness to minimize the use of drugs to the possible extent.

SAHASH launches in reference of the above, a project known as HAPPY (Health Awareness Promotion Programme through Youth).

Charitable Lab Test

Charitable Lab Test and Free Health Counseling available at Metro Care Path Lab,R.C.Market, Basement Canera BankMain D.S.C. Road Sect-110,Noida G.B Nagar U.P.-201304 between Timings 10:00:00 AM to 06:00:00 PM every day for all.