Project name - READ (Rural Education on Agricultural Development)

Objective - To educate farmers about new hybrid crop varieties as well as how to cultivate these crops.

Coverage area - Amethi, U.P & Kurushetra, Haryana.

Target - To run in at least 19 rural districts.

Activities - Volunteers go into rural villages and educate people about the hybrid crops they can earn high profits from and also to make them aware of the brands of seeds and industries that are engaged in agriculture. The Society establishes relations with industries and provides the hybrid seeds and fertilizers to farmers directly, so that the farmers benefit more from such procurement. We also spread awareness among the

farmers in developing economical biofuel units, cultivating medicinal plants and delivering them to our Society's nodal centers.

Desirable output - Monthly meetings on a regular basis with farmers at the Society. Nodal centers where they provide their feedback. Farmers are now cultivating flowers and medicinal plants, planting neem and bamboo trees, building biofuel units and more.. to raise their income and living status. Society volunteers participate in open door discussions with farmers and take their feed back in ways to improve the rural condition.

Drawback - Unavailability of soil test at village level by way of mobile vans. So we achieve less productivity of crops and are not able to reach targets.