Non Formal Education


Objective -To educate children of ages 2 - 5 years through toys, models, charts and also develop their intellect and understanding about family and society and to motivate them to come for education in our centers.

Activities - We educate children of 2 - 5 years. We visit each guardian's house to report the progress of their child. Periodic meetings are organized with guardians and we also meet with Govt. & Private school Teachers and provide facilities for the children above 5 years in regard of their education and skills. Also we organize monthly staff meetings for checking the progress of the Project.

Target - To open centers in 100 villages in each district. (People are welcome to contribute)

Area coverage - Presently centers are running in Amethi, U.P. and Kurushetra, Haryana.

Output - Personality development in children. Children are better educated and well developed.Increase in literacy. Motivation towards education amongst villagers. Use of toys and charts attract children towards education.Parents offer their appreciation and gratitude to our organization for our social mission.