Volunteer's Speak

My internship with SAHASH was immensely satisfying. I am currently pursuing master of Business Administration and have always been interested in survey and research. So, working with the weaker section of society was a new learning experience and felt very rewarding. India has grown leaps and bounds since its independence but where education is concerned, the gap between women and men is severe. I believe that with its READ project for farmers helping fill this gap. Doing field work, performing group discussion with women and farmers in the village areas, having face to face conversation seeing their confidence has proved that READ is the opening the doors of opportunities for many farmers.

---Mr.Devansh Singhal,Student of School of Business Management,NMIMS

"I Ananya Gupta, a law student of Karnataka Law College am very thankful to SAHASH for its sincere support and guidance. SAHASH helped me to gain a lot of practical and social experience as these are very essential in professional life. SAHASH helped me to understand work at the inception and taught me how to implement them in real life. I got an opportunity to meet with the under-privileged kid and women of the society and it was my pleasure to make them aware of their legal rights and to tell them about basic health care and education. We had many interaction sessions with the children in which they were told about their career. I am also thankful to my program coordinator Mr.Shukhnandan and General Secretary Smt.Bindu , they were very helpful and last but not the least, I will be looking forward to work with SAHASH again."

---Ananya Gupta,Student of KLE Law College, Karnataka

"I joined SAHASH as an intern on 11th June 2019 and worked here with READ team for one month. Currently I am pursuing MSc in Agriculture from Amity university, Noida. Working with SAHASH was a really good experience for me and it was very satisfying. Working on field gave me a variety of experiences resources to learn. My internship also provided a chance to challenge myself at the grass-root-level that will help me to go beyond as a professional entrepreneur. This one month provided assignments and activities that enabled me to reach individuals, families, groups, communities and organizations. READ is a well-constructed programmes which functioning as empowering farmers. This project helped me to improve my insight about the channels of social Welfare."

These are the work I have been through in one month of Internship.

  • Records to become familiar with the work of SAHASH.

  • Observation of READ Project.
  • Visited villages and prepared the data.
  • Involve in group discussion with farmers and provide the solutions of their problems.
  • Case Study of farmers who are being supported by farmers scheme of Haryana Government.
  • Managing Life Skill Training programme and report writing.
  • Some documentations; READ Induction.ppt.

---Miss Amisha Patel,Student of Amity university, Noida