How to Donote

The SAHASH program seeks to be a community and a national initiative, which means that it seeks to involve you. The resources that are required to uplift our program and to run, but this can not be done alone,it is only possible when you share with us and we together can do it, and now we can do something about the people living below poverty line.

As the SAHASH program grows, more people across the country will be able to participate in it directly. To grow, the program requires monetary support.As the program expands, we hope we can benefits to large rural villagers and improve the conditions of children in rural sectors as well as empower women and they can survive better living as before.

How can I contribute?

Pick a day in the week in which you would like to teach the street children and share your feelings with them and also you can contribute 1 hrs a day for them and in this way you can support our program KHEL-KHEL MAI PADHAI .To do this, you need not to contribute any economic resource. We request you to do this every year. If you can share more, we welcome it & you can pick multiple days in a week to remove illiteracy . Also, we welcome corporate participation in this program. We also request you to share this website with as many people as you can to spread awareness and get more people involved in this war against poverty and illiteracy and empower India.

While SAHASH is committed to doing all it can to organize and expand the program, it requires your contributions to keep it going. We urge you to participate in this program by sharing your time or money or land to establish center or donating toys,charts,models and educational CD's to teach kids for success of the program and sending us your suggestions.

You can also send us DD/cheque to registered office in favor of Society for Animal Health Agriculture Science and Humanity in Bank of Baroda payable at Branch-Munshiganj. After donating us,Please send us an e-mail with personal details.So that we can confirm and send you receipt of donation.

Munshiganj,(Amethi Road)Post-H.A.L.Korwa,
Distt- Amethi,UttarPradesh
Pin -227412
Telephone: 91-9919947961,+91-9473795690

You can donate your contributions online

Name of Account: Society for Animal Health Agriculture Science and Humanity
Account Number: 19080100011052
Bank Name: Bank OF Baroda
Branch: Munshiganj, District -Amethi(U.P.)
MICR Code: 228012002

Support Us in Kind !

You can donate in kind by contributing the materials that we require to support the children and their families:

  • Educational materials, like books, notebooks, stationary items, storybooks and picture books.
  • Health care materials like medicines, first-aid kits.
  • Computers, printers, projectors.
  • Recreational materials like sports equipments (tennis balls, cricket bats and balls, badminton rackets, etc.)
  • Food items like ration, milk products, eggs, sweets.
  • Clothes, shoes, blankets, bed sheets, mosquito nets, crockery, study tables, chairs, etc.

For further information on how to make your contribution in kind in your area, contact us.

Thank you for your gift!

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